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When I first watched the "Power of Introverts" on TedTalks, honestly two thoughts came to my mind.. One was professional and the second was personal.
Few years back, the leader of the function conducted a Gallup Strengths Finder assessment for his organization.. My top 5 were: Learner, Achiever, Analytical, Self Assurance and Input.. At a glance I thought to myself, this is logical.. an Analyst by nature has to possess intellectual curiosity, learning agility.. serious motivation to complete tasks and of course be confident of the results, insight or conclusion presented. But the surprise.. the real surprise was that when we shared results, my counterpart in Europe had the same Top 3 in the same order..!! What does this tell you?
-  The company I worked for did a good job recruiting the people with the right Talent/ Skills needed to perform their roles.
-  If you believe like I do what I once read that "The business Heroes of the future are Teams", then qualities of an Analyst- even if it is not your specific role- become an asset to your team. You become an objective voice that provides confidence in time of ambiguity.. which is very cool..:-)

As for the personal thought.. My French Teacher in Preparatory School literally one day just screamed at me that I should participate in class and share my thoughts.. It took me about 20 years to understand what she meant that day.
You see.. I am a Typical Introvert, most my studying years, I sat in the back of the classroom,, raising my hand only if I have a question..I never saw a value of sharing thoughts or showing off.. Today as a professional, I recognize that talking to each other, collaborating with each other is not only about Engagement, it is more.. it is about contribution. It is not enough that I do well.. finish my tasks with flying colors.. we miss opportunities to grow as individuals and professionals, deliver a better product every time we shy away from sharing a daring thought.. ask a tough question and settle for the role of an observer.

Remember .. if you give a dollar and I give you dollar, we each end up with a dollar
If you give me a thought and I give you a thought, we both end up with two thoughts.

In this section, I'll be sharing sources, articles, training materials for those who are in Analyst role or with Analyst qualities.. Hope it inspire you and support your effort to become the Best you can be
  • The Power of Introverts -  Great speaker on TEDTalks..In general, Analysts are considered more than not -Introverts, this presentation touched my heart by defending my right to Solitude and how without it I can't be the Elite Analyst I inspire to become.
  • How to Give Killer Presentation One of the challenges today's organization faces is communication. One cannot operate in today's world in isolation.. majority of us are involved one way or the other in initiatives and projects that can be cross functional or Global in nature.  Good news is, according to the author of this article "giving a good talk is highly coachable" which gives hope to those of us who don't have Communication as a strength..:-)
Additional articles about the Power of Introverts

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