Benchmaring & Best Practice

During the past few years, we all witnessed a changing and challenging working environment. I believe in part due to the economic conditions and the empowered consumer base which forced the companies and individuals alike to "think" differently, "do business and execute" differently aiming to bring true value and survive the turbulent time. Majority of us were tasked to do more with less.. to distinguish with clarity between the "Need" and the "Want" and ensure in the process that we don't shy away from taking risks, having a voice and have Fun being part of a new era that defines the 21st century.. an Era of almost no boundaries and No Dream is a Big Dream

Today.. more than ever.. individuals and companies can share vision, knowledge, experience, information,..etc almost instantly.. reaching thousands if not millions and this is True Power. Today's tools enable us- if we want to - creating a Virtuous Cycle of Excellence by sharing our experiences, skills, problems and seek to better ourselves as professionals and individuals and help others achieve the same.

The following companies and I'm sure there is more.. did step up to the plate and professionally I did benefit from their effort to help organizations and professionals bring true value to the organization by asking the tough questions, creating platforms to share serious challenges, success stories and most importantly bringing people together and facilitating the conversation.


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