This Blog was created about one year and half ago.. and my motivation honestly was to create a forum where analysts share experiences, tools and techniques so as professionals we can get higher in the learning curve as fast as possible and as I was once told.. really Have Fun with our work and if I might add feeling more fulfilled in our roles.. At the end of day if you are an Analyst in any function you are in a supporting role.. supporting a fact based decision and our success is getting the Right Information to Right People at the Right Time . The original intent was to share knowledge, technical skills but then I assumed different positions - still in Analyst capacity and had this Aha Moment.. that sharing technical skills and getting better at what we do from our desks that will help us get the right information  at the right time.. Now.. what about the Right People??

We are more like invisible soldiers..the objective voice, the number cruncher.. majority of the time..rarely you find a decision maker is operating close to the Analysts..I believe it is the nature of the hierarchy and of course there are exceptions, in one of my roles the VP always visited to have an informal face to face conversation and get briefed on the numbers and insight about what they mean.

My point is.. You can be a great Analyst that operates under crucial timeline and deliver every day to perfection.. But if you can't reach the right person then the objective is not completed..At the end of the day.. It is about an optimal decision and most of recent studies agrees that value is exponential when decision makers base their decision not on intuition but on the results of an objective and robust Analyticsand that my friend is our job today  not just delivering numbers, filling the blanks, explaining variances, articulating contributing factors.. It is more.. It is helping to change a mindset about how decisions are made.. that with today's complexity, ambiguity and fast paced changing world, to Make a Decision at the Right Time with Confidence an organization needs more than just a gut feeling, it needs decision makers who value Analytics and and from our end as Professional Analysts we need to be engaged on a different level  in the Organization suitable to the challenges we face today and which are expected to become less in complexity.

This Blog today became an invitation to step it up.. not only to settle for being the best as 1 1/2 year ago ..:-)

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