Monday, December 2, 2013

The 21st Century - Professional

A while back around 2006, I came across a presentation- if memory serves me well it was by the Hackett Group. Basically, one of the findings was that for any job at the time one of the following will happen:
  • The job will no longer exist - It will be outsourced or simply automated.
  • The job title will remain but responsibilities and skill set required to perform the job will change.
I'm assuming most of you like myself as a professional can relate. Majority of companies due to different reasons did undergo a "Soul Searching" and did restructure, adopt more robust technology,..etc to face the pricing pressure and most importantly the fast changing business environment. It did hit hard witnessing companies like Basell and Kodak going bankrupt in recent years and personally, I believe it took courage from leadership to take necessary measures to avoid such fate. 

It is intuitive but yet hard to adopt, to be successful in today's corporate world, I believe one should have the discipline to act as a business owner not just as a 9 to 5 employee.. As analysts, we are considered Knowledge Workers.. At every opportunity we should create a value to the organization that can not be replaced by a machine.. and recreate our value by being responsive and proactive about our organizations' and industry changes.

The following article offers valuable direction and advice for the 21st century's professional.
I value the entire list under " New Professional" but the one I appreciate the most is "Power is Shared and Grown"

A new definition of professional behavior is developing in this social world. Here is the transition:



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