Sunday, December 22, 2013

The 21st Century Professional - Change Agent

It was one of those Friday's  late afternoon.. after a considerably long week - conditioned by the slow rhythm as we all welcome the holiday season.. What was interesting is that all around me signaled it is time to close shop yet instead of rushing out of the door @ 5:00, I found myself at my desk filled with energy and willingness to continue to work.. It is not surprising given my "Workaholic" nature but  I have to admit my "workaholic" tendency was nurtured by the fact that I've been fortunate enough through my career to work at great companies  that I have affinity with their mission and took pride in their products and services.. I always felt I'm part of a GOOD machine and it is up to me to make a GOOD day every day I show up for work.

That Friday I found myself drawn to the memory of a conversation I had a while back with one of my mentors who happened to have his office by a window where he can see Associates on their way in to work in the morning and their way out at the end of the day.

What he noticed was that some of us in the morning were walking fast to get to their desks while others were dragging their feet like soldiers who are forced to a fight- and of course these are the same rushing to leave the building at the end of the working day..:)

As we are all welcoming 2014 I believe it is appropriate to question which type of Associate, Manager or Leader you want to BE and most importantly what type of company you envision collectively you want to BECOME. At the end of the day, I believe a Company becomes what it is by its people.. It is limited by their ambition, drive, aspirations, competency, discipline, and willingness to put the work day in day out to achieve "Success".

From everything I've read and experienced,  there is a lot of work, thought, investment and effort put by leaders and organizations to achieve a higher level of associate engagement and embed a robust capability to deal with change- so there is no doubt in my mind that being capable of dealing with change as individuals / organizations is important if not urgent as well.

Now.. what is my /your role in all this??

If you are really really keen to be part of shaping that future not just watching from the sidelines. I urge you to become a  "Unofficial"  Change Agent.

"Be the Change that you wish to see in the world."  
 Mahatma Gandhi

What the 21st century offers is a time of opportunity for empowered individuals more than ever.. we have access to more robust platforms, more information, tools, training, knowledge, people and groups with common interests.

Below are some sources that I hope can inspire you into action and help you with your pursuit for 2014.

Also, I'm starting the "TEA Break" Movement - The Elite Analyst Break and will update you on progress and what I've learned. If you like the concept and have additional comments, thoughts.. feel free to share.

TEA Break Objective : Embed the organizational culture and develop the necessary skills to support the Analytic capability in the Organization 

1. Sharing best practice by coaching and creating relevant training materials.
2. Volunteering in cross- functional projects that requires analytical skills and experience.
3. TBD..:-)

TEA Break has to be result oriented, relevant and a positive experience.

           John Kotter -  HBR Blog Network

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