Monday, February 17, 2014

The 21st Century Professional - Leaving a Legacy

I have to admit the original thought was to write today about the value of execution and the focus on the "How" particularity in the area of business intelligence and data analytics:

- How to adapt in the face of a fast paced changing technology - As individuals and collectively as teams, functions .. to be ahead of the curve not just a follower.
- How to recreate our value by effectively using this evolving technology - Looking at it as an asset not a threat or nice to have.
-  How to incorporate a robust development plans that ensure top-down.. bottom-up learning agility and adoption of best practices.
- How to attract and retain the right talent.
- How our office spaces are designed to facilitate collaboration.., etc

Most of us recognize that robust tools, efficient processes are frankly useless if not used, adopted and leveraged by People. Basically, without training  and conducive culture/ environment in the organization, all investments in new platforms, efforts will be fragmented and deliver no true or sustainable value.

Then.. the Philosopher in me as we celebrate the Presidents day diverted my thought in a different direction - the "Why"

"One is a member of a county, a profession, a civilization, a religion. One is not just a man"
Wartime Writings 1939-1944 Antoine de Saint - Exupery

As I was once told by a wise man.. as humans, we are all yearning to be part of something larger than have a sense of purpose.

I have to admit.. the" Why" is a tough question for a professional and requires a clarity of the mind.. and in so many ways it defines our success as individuals and impacts our organizations greatly..

Why we do what we do.. why not a different job that requires less effort.. why not another company??"

When we belong to an organization that feeds our desire to become part of something meaningful.. larger than ourselves.. because of its mission, what it stands for.

When we are doing every day what we do best.. enhancing our craft and delivering excellence through a product or a service.

When we are challenged every day, with every task/ project to take it to the next level .. even if we fail, we succeed.

When our values are aligned and not in conflict of that of our organizations' .. we are more likely  to be focused on real challenges .. form better alliances in the face of these challenges.. and collectively deliver constant true value.

We are more likely to feel fulfilled ..building a legacy that we define with every interaction and every task.

I am one that strongly believe that corporate offers a job, a desk, some tools and a space for us to Leave a Legacy ..think about it.. we spend great deal of our lives in our offices.. and it will be always up to us how to shape the day.. for ourselves and others.

Happy Presidents Day..

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