Monday, September 4, 2017

My Data Science Journey....

Finally I made the decision to pursue a Data Science Master's degree.. I have been interested in the new field and following thoughts leaders for over 5 years. Tomorrow is my first class.. All I can think about is the Boy's Dream in the Alchemist and how he had to travel to go Home for his treasure.. I remember spending hours and hours solving math problems while listing to my favorite music.. It felt at the time I can do that forever..!! Now I recognize this is passion and as a professional that is maybe the main quality that enabled me to grow into the vision I created for myself back in 2005 "Analyst on a Mission.. Support Fact Based Decision Making by Providing the Right Information to the Right People @ the Right Time"

The 21st century is an incredible time where barriers to acquiring knowledge almost became no existent.. Special "Thank You "and recognition to those who created learning platforms, shared articles and kept those of us interested up to date.

I'm embarking on this journey knowing it will be challenging but also knowing I have all the tools and support to succeed..!!

About time to bring this blog back of to life with its original intent ..I'll be sharing the learning with the hope to inspire and support those interested in the field.

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